The app that is trying to address food waste in the UK

I am so excited over my recent discovery of the Too Good to Go app. I just love cheap food! Doesn’t everyone?

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The premise of the Too Good To Go app is simple. Many food retailers have to throw away food at the end of the day. Instead of wasting the food, they bag it up and offer a certain amount of these bags for sale at a reduced price. You buy a “magic bag” through the app, pick it up from the store/takeaway within a specific timeframe, and go home with a bag of random food.

Excited (and I…

About me, my dreams, topics, goals for this platform, and beyond...

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Hey! It’s come to my attention that I’ve yet to write an introductory article about myself. So when you read articles from The Bumble Life, you may well be faced with a mishmash of articles on various topics without knowing just where this is all coming from. Why should I read this? What is the context behind all this?

Personally, I feel that when you read or consume any content/ media, context should play a role in how you take that all in. It’s especially important if you ever wish to take any advice or viewpoint and attempt to apply…

The story of my long slog of a journey towards financial freedom

Many online gurus tell you that the way to earn a living online is to throw yourself in there. Work as much as you can. Some encourage you to quit your day job in a way that I believe seems far too early. The encouragement is great. Undoubtedly if you put more effort in, then it’s more likely that you will see quicker results. That said, I am not an online money guru, and from my experience, jumping into the deep end is a risky move.

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Many of us don’t have the luxury of time, money, followers… and when you…

Why new writers should also for Vocal

As a newbie writer, I find I stick to writing for just one platform; the Medium platform. That said, sometimes I test the waters in a few other places.

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I joined Vocal a while ago but have gone back to writing for the site because of the competitions. I entered the “Little Black Book” challenge; I didn’t win. There was a $20,000 top prize, so I thought I’d give it a go even if I’m not the best fictional storyteller.

Maybe I got a little too excited about a competition that was hugely publicized, but I got a nice surprise…

I am awkward, but that doesn’t stop me from trying things…

I spin Russian Fire fans and hula hoops, run a business, live small, and have studied the environment to…

Why awkward people should learn to dance

If you are an awkward person like me, then you may know the crippling anxiety that comes with trying to perform on the dance floor. Much of UK nightlife involves going to a sweaty nightclub with whatever music, sometimes until 3 am the next day!

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I love the music and festival scene that can come with city life. I didn’t start my life out in the city, and in many ways, I am behind and uneducated on social trends and norms.

Dancing is one skill that I never thought I needed until University. The only time it would have been…

@TheGoodMenProject sums-up dating culture at University nicely with the article below.

At my mostly female University, hook-up culture was a big part of University life. I noticed that while there…

Embracing our differences

When we create a heavily polarized environment, it is harder for valuable discussion to take place. Often in these environments, people resort to insulting others with different opinions.

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A study discussed in Damon Centola’s article for Scientific American theorized that social media causes polarized views not just by creating echo chambers (where people are exposed to the views of mostly like-minded people), but also by promoting influencers with extreme views.

He did this small experiment by getting a group of Democrats to talk to each other and a group of Republicans to talk to each other. After each group had…

Getting through the personal growth plateau

Thanks to Jack Ward @jackward for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

These last few days, fear has gripped me. It’s the fear of no change, limited personal growth, and just a general feeling of dislike towards my city. I have felt so close to just pressing the big red button that creates an upheaval of my life and just doing something, anything different. I have walked to work while also having the urge, to walk right past it. I have planned to spend hours on my side-hustles, to get up on my day off, and go back to bed.

I have had so many life resets in my life, that it’s…

In January, I earned $1.08 in total and I was ecstatic! Last month last I checked, I earned $2.27, and I am optimistic.

This short-form post is just for those…

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